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Hierbij enkele van de scale-ups die reeds deelnamen aan Scaleup Vlaanderen. Check 'em out! 

TechWolf aims to give HR teams the tools required to take on new and complex challenges, so their strategies benefit the individual as well as the entire organisation.


Seaters is an fan engagement technology company which maximizes the use of sponsorship assets to increase customer loyalty, generate leads and collect fan data.


POM offers e-invoicing and e-payment solutions to companies and organisations, aiming to modernize their invoicing-payment process.


Pozyx positions everything in XYZ with high accuracy. Pozyx is robust and accurate, easy to use, and easy to integrate. Get started today.


DataStories is an AI tool that within 30 minutes explains how you can understand, predict, and drive your business KPIs based on your business & context data.


June Switch automatically tracks all energy prices and promotions. Using AI, energy consumption is accurately estimated.


ProSoccerData offers a digital solution to increase the quality of player development & talent detection


Kazi reveals talent expectations upfront, to hire ideal candidates faster and boost employee engagement and retention.


Virteo offers a single platform for all your debt collection partners:
benchmark them, reduce costs and improve your recovery rate.


LindaCare is the first digital health company focused on integrating remote-monitoring solutions for chronic disease management internationally.


Contract.fit helps its customers apply machine learning for all their process automation needs with their Intelligent Automation solution.


Daltix aims to provide the world's most powerful insights through advanced data harvesting and analytics. 


Oncomfort’s solution for digital sedation is a completely new method for relieving patients’ pain and anxiety before, during and after medical procedures.


RetailSonar empowers businesses with a fine-tuned solution to manage retail networks. Our clients benefit from powerful insights and make sound, data-driven decisions.


Mobietrain offers a state-of-the-art platform for mobile microlearning. It is mobile first and offers a CMS, an app and a dashboard.


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